Our Mission to our Members

The Pet Scene is more than just a Pet directory website. The Pet scene is a passionate community of Pet Business and Animal lovers.


How we got started:    We know people love and treat their pets as family and bringing the very best pet services together with pet owners is a win, win for everyone, especially the pets.   The shelters and pounds are full of dogs, cats, and animals that were surrendered due to behavior problems.  If we can bring animal trainers and pet owners together, we can help solve a portion of this problem. At the Pet Scene, we have a deep compassion for ALL animals, big and small, and want to see all animals living in a happy, healthy environment for both the pet and their owners.  
Our goal is to provide a platform for Pet business owners to achieve their business dreams, whatever they may be.   We truly care about our members and will help you grow your business into the success you want it to be.  The Pet Scene will be one of your most valuable marketing platforms.   We are deeply committed to providing you with the right tools and pathways to help you build a substantial pet business, if that is your goal.   With our growing website, your business can be assured of a dynamic web presence. 

For the Pet business members, we are unconditionally committed to providing you with the state of the art website and innovative member features.   All of this as part of an unequaled business opportunity with the understanding that our success depends on your success.

And for Pet owners, we are committed to providing an easy to use platform where you can find top quality pet services, events and supplies for all pets and animals.    You can compare prices, read reviews and locate services in your  area.    
With the Pet Scene, you have the opportunity to build an extraordinary Pet business.  Is there anything more rewarding than contributing to the well being of animals?   This is the Pet Scene’s mission.   We look forward to joining you on this incredible journey to an extraordinary Pet Business.

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